New Beginnings

I’m new to blogging, I’m new to the city of Atlanta, and more importantly I’m new to motherhood.  My husband and I moved here in July and welcomed our first baby girl a few weeks later.  We hardly had time to adjust to the new city let alone a new human being.  I don’t get out much due to the little human, and the fact that she is a preemie (more on that later) so, not much to share on the new city front.  Motherhood, however, is a CONSTANT learning experience to say the least.  Prior to getting knocked up I was an avid gym rat, the type taking annoying selfies and dropping weights at the gym, I miss it as well as my abs.  So, in an attempt to fill the void and to lose the postpartum pounds I’ll be sharing my adventures or lack there of here whenever my little human allows me to.


Balancing Motherhood and Fitness